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Call for Artists: 2014...
September 10, 2014 (8:00 am)

2014 Pastel Society of...
October 3, 2014 (8:00 am)

Alchemy of Image: The ...
October 3, 2014 (5:00 pm)

World Blacksmith Champ...
October 24, 2014 (10:00 am)

"Spookley the Square P...
October 24, 2014 (4:00 pm)

Scrap Presents: The Mo...
October 24, 2014 (7:30 pm)
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Chuck Palahniuk is in a state of arousal PDF Print E-mail
Arts - Book Signing
Tuesday, 14 October 2014
Image Chuck Palahniuk, who explored the male psyche in 'Fight Club,' delves into the feminine mind with his latest novel

By David Steinberg
As abortion was to the 1960s, arousal addiction is to the current decade, says novelist Chuck Palahniuk. And what exactly is that parallel? Arousal addiction is the big hot-button social issue that people today can’t talk about, which is the way it was with abortion, Palahniuk said in a recent Local iQ phone interview.
Lin Lecheng PDF Print E-mail
Arts - Exhibit
Tuesday, 14 October 2014
By Laura Marrich
Somewhere in the gray space between architecture, fine art, manufacturing and handcraft, lies fiber art. But it might as well be in the Bermuda Triangle. Why else is fiber art so often relegated to niche status, despite encompassing a staggering number of disciplines, techniques and materials, with ties to virtually every culture going back millennia? It defies logic.
Gone Girl PDF Print E-mail
Film - Review
Wednesday, 15 October 2014
Ben Affleck in the chilling Gone Girl.
By Jordan Mahoney
Penned by Gillian Flynn (both the novel and screenplay), Gone Girl is dark and psychologically complex thriller — a harsh look at marriage through a tinted window, made stylish by David Fincher’s direction (The Social Network, Seven, Fight Club), and haunting by the Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor score.
Chefs put their signature on a wonderful event PDF Print E-mail
Columns - Culture
Wednesday, 15 October 2014
ImageBy Steven J. Westman
I could not have been more pleased to get the news that one of my oldest friends, Beth Urrea, has joined the team at the March of Dimes New Mexico Chapter as their community director. And I could hear her excitement as she filled me in on the upcoming Signature Chefs Albuquerque 2014, a major fundraiser that happens Sunday, Oct. 26, at Hotel Albuquerque.
Publishing with a purpose PDF Print E-mail
Arts - Profile
Wednesday, 15 October 2014
Photo by Wes Naman
New Mexico book-maker Radius impacts the fine arts world with its nonprofit model
By Marissa Higdon
When you think of fine arts, you probably envision pictures hanging neatly on museum walls, or sculptures lining the hallways of an art studio. One thing that probably doesn’t spring to mind is a book.
of Montreal's chamelonic songcraft PDF Print E-mail
Music - Preview
Tuesday, 14 October 2014
The always eclectic and unpredictable of Montreal is relentless in pushing boundaries (musical and otherwise)
By Kristin Kurens
Blithe psychedelic melodies. Overtly sexual funk. ’70s nostalgia. That’s just a sampling of the vast array of sounds of Montreal has churned out over its nearly 20-year career and 12 albums. Some artists are more than adept at reinvention and artistic reincarnation.
Tony DeLap: Selected Works from 50 Years of Making Art PDF Print E-mail
Arts - Opening
Tuesday, 14 October 2014
By Marissa Higdon
The works of Tony DeLap are creatures in and of themselves, popping off the wall and challenging reality through shape and optical movement. Using paintings, sculptures and sculpture paintings, this Californian artist complicates the idea of “minimalism” with the power of optical illusions.
Three cheers for craft beers PDF Print E-mail
Food/Drink - Beer
Thursday, 02 October 2014
Local iQ's New Mexico Brew Fest taps in to local craft brewing culture
By Marissa Higdon
In 2006, there were five breweries in the state of New Mexico. Today, there are more than 40, and counting. The New Mexican brewing industry has been experiencing a boom to say the least, with 11 local breweries popping up in 2014 alone. That sounds like a stat worth celebrating! Toast our state’s success with beer, food, live music and more beer at the fifth annual New Mexico Brew Fest on Sat., Oct. 11.
The Mystery of Irma Vep PDF Print E-mail
Arts - Theater
Tuesday, 30 September 2014
The Dolls employ physical comedy, ludicrous plot twists to act out The Mystery of Irma Vep
By Marissa Higdon
There’s a mystery to be solved at Mandacrest Estate. The lord of the estate is still recovering from the death of his first wife, Irma Vep, when his second wife is attacked by a vampire. Events spiral out of control, and characters encounter more vampires, mummies, werewolves and ghosts over the course of this whirlwind comedy, which manages to play off of a variety of horror and Victorian genres.
Challenging the mind, challenging the eye PDF Print E-mail
Arts - Profile
Friday, 03 October 2014
Rocky Mountain mainstay artist Floyd D. Tunson seeks to give a voice to the voiceless
By Brenna Gomez
Downtown gallery 516 ARTS is hosting a retrospective of a Rocky Mountain legend. In 1993, Floyd D. Tunson was identified by the Denver Post and the Denver Historic Society as integral to shaping the arts in Colorado. Walking through Floyd D. Tunson: Son of Pop, it’s easy to see why.
EAT! DRINK! ABQ! - Oct 2-15, 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Food/Drink - Dining
Thursday, 02 October 2014
In a land of seemingly never-ending menus, Local iQ once again attempts to tell readers Where to Eat Now!

Introduction by Kevin Hopper
Written by Kevin Hopper + Mike English + Laura Marrich  —  Photos by Wes Naman
When I was kid growing up in Albuquerque’s Northeast Heights, my family hardly ever dined out. There was a Chinese food joint on the corner of Constitution and Eubank, just a few blocks from our house (not so great). A few doors down from that, there was Eloy’s Mexican Restaurant, which still happens to be in business many years later. But that was the extent of my dining experience, save for the occasional family outing to Bella Vista (’member?).
So how did I become such a food lover, cook and critic?
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